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We offer different option to discover the beauty of the underwater world.
You can choose to try during a morning time or choose to get the first licence .

Every programs offer by Angel Dive are conducted by an highly experience professional
certified to the highest standards.
Profit of the experience of our scuba team to experience scuba diving in a safe and fun way.

ption One: Try dives
Come discover scuba, one to one, with our professional guide. Juste enjoy the fish and coralreef as we will praticly do everything for you.
This option is definitly the easiest way to go underwater for the first time of your life.
happy diver kool diver try dive
Option two: Discover Scuba Diver:
This one day course is made to see what diving is like. It is maybe the best option for people
who have never been diving.
You will get one training dive with our highly esperienced instructors,
where you will perform some basic skills before doing a fun dive.
At the next dive site you will follow your instructor
for a second immersion at 12m maximum.
After the discover scuba diving you can choose to upgrade to
the scuba diver license (1 extra day minimum) or
to the Open Water license (2 extra days minimum).




Option three: Scuba Diver licence:
First diving licence, the scuba diver allowed you to dive to 12meter
under the supervision of one of our sucba instructor.
This course can be conducted in 2 days minimum with 4 dives minimum.
It is also two third of the Open Water licence.

coucou diver kim diving open water course

Option Four: Open Water Diver licence:
Learn to dive in a minimum of 3 days and 6 dives, on the wonderful dive sites of the Marine Park in Nha Trang. Completion of this course will qualify you as a diver to 18 meters depth.

With this licence you can scuba dive with out the supervision of an instructor or dive master.

All licence that we teach are reconised worldwild by all associations.


If you like to know more about the other courses go on the courses page
or contact us for information.

contact angel dive

You can find information about us here
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