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ANGEL DIVE offers boat trips in the bay of Nha Trang for
diving, snorkeling, Try dives and courses of any level, with many associations.
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All dive trips are offered in the National Marine Park of Hon Mun (the most famous place to dive in Vietnam), ‘The Black Island’. It is one of the most famous islands of Nha Trang Bay.

The day trip begins at 7:30am and lasts until approximately 2:00pm. After a 45 minute ride we arrive at Hon Mun. You can choose two dive sites around the island, depending on your level of diving experience. To ensure you have a safe and relaxing dive we allow a maximum of four (4) divers per scuba guide.

On board, we offer refreshment with water, tea, coffee, filled baguette and tropical fruits served between the two dive sites.
We like to spend at least one hour on board to rest while moving to the next dive site,
not only to enjoy the beauty of the island but also for your safety
and the desaturation of gases from your body.

We then return to Nha Trang, we finish our journey with lunch in the restaurant:
Thanh Thanh Cafe, located in the tourist area of Nha Trang.

Angel Dive offers this 2 dive trip everyday and one 3 dive trip a week.
Contact us to get more information about our 3 dive trip.





Day trip schedule:


07.30am: Pick up in your hotel or meet in the dive centre
07.50am: Departure of the boat to the marine park at Hon Mun Island
09.00am: First Dive site: Scuba immersion or Snorkeling
10.00am: Relaxation time on board with sandwiches, tropical fruits and drinks.
11.00am: Second Dive site: Scuba immersion or Snorkeling
12.00am: Depart from the Marine Park
01.30pm: Lunch in the restaurant Thanh Thanh cafe

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We encourage you to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the beautiful beaches and the many attractions of Nha Trang.

You can find information about us here
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