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kids club
To discover the wonderful underwater world with its amazing marine life...

Angel dive introduces scuba diving and snorkeling to children from 8 years old
in an easy and safe environment.
Our Instructors are certified with many scuba associations. They will guide your children and
introduice them to snorkeling and scuba diving in total safety and fun:


joe snorkeling kids on the boat

Discover Snorkeling will introduce the kids to a new world:The underwater world...
So much colourful coral and fish to discover in the marine park of Nha Trang.
Your kids will use the full set of equipment as:
fins, masks, snorkels and wet suits, specially made for small sizes.

The marine park of Nha Trang offer really easy site for snorkeling as
all coral garden start between 1 to 2 meter depth.

We also offer the use of life jacket for your kids that
just start swimming by them own.

You can find information about us here
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Scuba Diving:
captain cyprien marie diver
Discover scuba in the marine park of Nha Trang to learn the basic of scuba diving
and understand the safety of diving with fun...

Try Scuba Diving:
This micro course is an half day program without certification.
One training dive with basic skills and a fun dive under the supervision of the instructor.
After this micro course, your shildren can upgrade to a scuba diving licence as
the Junior Scuba Diver or the Junior Open Water Diver.

Junior Scuba diver
, Junior Open Water
Those two courses are the two first scuba diving licence.
You child will do 4 or 6 training dives and little bit of theory to understand the basics roles and safety
of scuba diving. The full training is made in a safe and shallow environment.
In 2 days or 3 days, your children can become certified diver under the parent supervision or
a certified instructor supervision.
10 years old minimum
kids diver on the surface breaf the kids
Junior Advanced Adventurer:
This course is made to introduice some special way of diving
to your children. They can get the second scuba diving licence
with little bit of theory and
5 training dives.


The children will evoluate underwater
with one instructor for 2 children maximum to ensure there
personal needs and safety

Our instructor is also certified with non scuba diving diploma to handel kids:

"science of education": 3rd degre in french univercity
"BAFA": licence to handle group of children in camp and other animation program.

Dear Parents,

My name is Frederic Loreau. I wanted to give you a little note to reassure you of our competence.
I personally will be the instructor for your child. I have a variety of experiences taking the utmost
care of your young explorers. Not only am I an Instructor trainer, teaching professional divers,
I have also taught a lot of children in my career. As well, I have experience teaching kids in different environments.

I first worked in kid's camps and other kid's animation programs when I was a student.
I also earned a degree of "sciences of education", my third degree from Paris’ 13th University.
I wanted to become a teacher in French schools.

Finally, I have taught many children SCUBA diving during my instructor career,
including my oldest son that just became 11.

Please know that I plan to teach my two younger children also, but I have
to wait several years as they are respectively 4 years old and 8 months old.


Frederic Loreau

write on October 4th 2012